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The mission of the Golden Gate University Alumni Association is to foster beneficial connections among alumni, students, and faculty.

To implement this mission, the Association works with the Board of Trustees, the Development and Alumni Relations Department, and other University staff to:

  • Foster alumni pride and enhance the reputation of the University;
  • Provide opportunities for alumni to volunteer their time and talents on behalf of the University and its students;
  • Provide alumni with enhanced means to network with other alumni;
  • Support the fundraising activities and priorities of the University and encourage individual alumni to provide financial support to the University;
  • Recruit alumni to serve as mentors for current students of the University;
  • Assist in the recruitment of new students;
  • Engage alumni, friends, adjunct faculty, and corporate partners to promote the University.

We are seeking alumni to help the University and alumni leaders create a meaningful alumni experience and to engage fellow alumni in opportunities that contribute to that experience. In the past few years, the Alumni Association has made significant infrastructure changes to increase the number and ways alumni can make a personal or professional commitment that personifies and supports the GGU mission, including:

  • Thanking alumni donors with personal thank you phone calls and/or notes
  • Welcoming alumni at graduations and special events
  • Attending and promoting professional development events and activities where faculty, students, alumni and industry leaders share their expertise and knowledge
  • Offer critical insights as new programs are developed


Our continued success depends on the personal commitment and active involvement of all board members who embrace the privilege to serve and the responsibility to lead. Unless otherwise specified at the time of the election, each elected Director shall serve a three (3) year term of office, beginning at the end of the general meeting at which he/she is elected. Board members agree to uphold the board’s mission and expectations detailed below. These include, but are not limited to:

Advocacy and Personal Involvement

  • Advocate - be well informed to convey the University’s mission and strategies, programs, strengths, and needs
  • Board Meeting Attendance - attend pre-scheduled quarterly board meetings. Board meetings are scheduled on the first Thursday of May, July, November, and February from 5:30 to 8:15 p.m. PT
  • Committee Attendance – volunteer to serve on at least one committee and attend meetings
  • Event and Program Participation - attend 3-5 (minimum) alumni programming and events per year, and encourage/invite other alumni to participate; volunteer to support these programs and events
  • Be available for flash mentorship on GGU Connect

Leadership Development

  • Board Recruitment - identify strong candidates for the board who will represent the alumni effectively. Identify a successor to recommend for a board position when his/her term is up
  • Mentor - be a partner/mentor to a fellow board member and participate in the mentorship program
  • Strategic Planning - participate in setting annual board/committee goals and objectives at the annual retreat and throughout the year
  • Advise – provide input to board leadership regarding alumni services and programs

Financial Expectations

  • Make an annual gift to the university


The process to become a board member is as follows:

  1. The Candidate completes and submits the application to the Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving
  2. If the application is approved by the Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving and the President of the Alumni Board, then the Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving arranges either in-person or telephone interviews with two other board members
  3. Interviewers discuss the Candidate and if approved, the Candidate is voted upon by the Alumni Board either in the February or August meeting
  4. The Candidate is invited to attend an Alumni Board Meeting as an observer if the meeting schedule permits
  5. If elected, the Candidate becomes a member of the GGU Alumni Board

Thank you for taking the time to consider serving as part of the Golden Gate University Alumni Association Board of Directors. Please reach out to any current board member if you have any questions.

GGU AA Board of Directors
Emmanuel Hyppolite MBA ‘13, President
Jeff Darger MS '19, Vice President
Wende Amerie MBA '13
Bobby Asem MBA '18
Ryan Griffith JD '12
John Hurston MBA ‘08
Jenny Liang MS '19
Dr. Talia Moore MA ‘05
Frances Presley Rice MBA '76
Dr. Benjamin Shuford DBA '18
Charlie Shureen MS '16
Tanisha Smith MS '11
Eveline Tom BS '79

Revised on June 4, 2021